11001 Fourth St, Jonestown, TX 78645

Important Info on This Homebuilder (Flint Arrow LLC) That May Affect Your Decision

UPDATE: David Rothenberg Sued for Alleged Construction Fraud Scheme Lawsuit Here.

UPDATE: Rothenberg Allegedly Made Legally Blind Couple Pay Extra & Failed to Pay His Suppliers. Read Angela's Story Here.

BREAKING UPDATE: David Rothenberg's brother, Michael Rothenberg, is convicted of fraud, ordered to pay over $31 million and faces up to 60 years in prison. Read Coverage Here.

Flint Arrow LLC was hired to build a home for our family. After two years, Flint Arrow and owner David Rothenberg left us with a defective half finished home. Flint Arrow also left a long trail of unpaid subcontractors, lien filings, and questions about where the money went.

As a potential buyer of 11001 Sage St, Jonestown, TX, here's the important part for you. We can find no part of our home constructed by Flint Arrow LLC that was done correctly. We are attempting to complete construction but due to all the defects, it has been a complete nightmare. Read our nightmare story and see the many defects.

Defects include but are not limited to:

We recommend staying far away from any structure that David Rothenberg was involved in.

david rothenberg architect flint arrow
David Rothenberg, Architect & Contractor

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