David Rothenberg / Flint Arrow Lawsuit

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BREAKING UPDATE: David Rothenberg's brother, Michael Rothenberg, is convicted of fraud, ordered to pay over $31 million and faces up to 60 years in prison. Read Coverage Here.

UPDATE: David Rothenberg Allegedly Made Legally Blind Couple Pay Extra & Failed to Pay His Suppliers. Read Angela's Story Here.

Local Georgetown, TX Family Sues Flint Arrow, LLC and David Rothenberg for Alleged Home Construction Fraud

A Georgetown, TX family is taking on Flint Arrow, LLC and David Rothenberg in a high-stakes lawsuit that has gripped Williamson County, Texas. Allegations of deceit, breached contracts, and misused funds paint a picture of a dream home project turned nightmare. The couple seeks damages exceeding $1 million, challenging the integrity and business practices of Flint Arrow and Rothenberg. This lawsuit promises explosive revelations and a gripping tale of a construction project gone disastrously awry."

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David Rothenberg, Architect & Contractor


This lawsuit filed by the Ranch Road Revocable Trust against Flint Arrow, LLC and David Rothenberg, details a construction project for a dream home that turned into a nightmare. Key points include:

Parties and Jurisdiction:

The lawsuit involves multiple plaintiffs, including the trustee of the Ranch Road Revocable Trust, and the defendants are Flint Arrow, LLC, and David Rothenberg. Jurisdiction and venue are established in Williamson County, Texas.

Claims of Misconduct:

The plaintiffs allege that Flint Arrow and Rothenberg breached their contract, misused funds, and made fraudulent representations. They accuse the defendants of failing to adhere to agreed specifications, overcharging, and not completing the project on time.

Financial Implications:

The trust is seeking monetary damages between over $1,000,000, excluding interest and other potential damages. They claim that Flint Arrow and Rothenberg mismanaged funds, resulting in significant financial losses and incomplete work.

Specific Allegations:

The document details instances of poor workmanship, delays, and disregard for contractual obligations by Flint Arrow and Rothenberg. It mentions issues like improper window installation, misuse of materials, and failure to provide necessary documentation and lien releases.

Impact on Plaintiffs:

The delays and alleged misconduct have caused considerable distress and inconvenience to the plaintiffs, who have had to manage the fallout of an incomplete and poorly executed construction project.

Legal Actions:

The lawsuit encompasses several causes of action, including breach of contract, violation of the Texas Construction Trust Funds Act, and fraud. The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for damages incurred due to the defendants' alleged actions.

David Rothenberg (Owner of Place Designers) / Flint Arrow Lawsuit

Download David Rothenberg Lawsuit PDF
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