Place Designers, Round Rock - Review of Owner David Rothenberg

A Home Buyer Story of Misery & Hell

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David Rothenberg, Architect & Contractor

We could write volumes about the two years of misery and hell David Rothenberg (Flint Arrow Owner) has put our family through. We may never financially recover from David Rothenberg, but we can hopefully help other people from the same fate.

NEW INFO: Rothenberg Allegedly Made Legally Blind Couple Pay Extra & Failed to Pay His Suppliers. Read Angela's Story Here.

The only thing worse than the poor workmanship and broken promises is the fact that David Rothenberg drew hundreds of thousands of dollars from our loan that he wasn't entitled to. In addition to breaching many important provision of the construction contract, he refused to follow our specifications. He also refused to provide Disbursement Statements during the first one and a half years. This is a violation of Texas Law. The result was unpaid subcontractors, lien filings by his subcontractors, and many thousands of dollars of missing items that we paid for.

BREAKING UPDATE: David Rothenberg's brother, Michael Rothenberg, is convicted of fraud, ordered to pay over $31 million and faces up to 60 years in prison. Read Coverage Here.

David referred us to his personal bank that provided the construction loan. Texas law requires that the Contractor provide the Owner with a disbursement statement at each draw. Flint Arrow submitted draw requests directly to the bank, refused to give us copies, keeping us completely in the dark about what he was drawing money for.

Our Contract specified that Contractor would invoice Owner for expenses incurred. Despite this fact, Flint Arrow LLC would draw hundreds of thousands more money from the bank than expenses incurred.

Because we didn’t get Draw Requests or Disbursement Statements for 1.5 years, he David Rothenberg over $200,000 more than expenses incurred. After we received the first subcontractor lien on our home for unpaid work, we asked Rothenberg all the Disbursement Statements he was legally required to provide under the Texas Property Code. His response was “I will leave that portion between you and the bank”.

To make matters worse, David Rothenberg drew the money from our loan for major items and then didn’t pay for those items. Now there is not enough money remaining on the loan to pay for those items. There are currently liens on the home and Rothenberg refused to get them removed although the Contract requires that he do so. We continue to get letters and calls from more contractors and suppliers who he failed to pay.

Total Days Home Under Construction After David Rothenberg Telling us 1 Year

700+ Days Since Commencement

What artchitectural projects has David Rothenberg been involved in?

On the Place Designers Website, David lists his experience as the following projects:

"We did not specify pine. MDF is a wood product."
David Rothenberg Quote

Who is David Rothenberg?

David Rothenberg is listed as a principal of an architectural design firm Place Designers located in Round Rock, Texas. David says he oversees many architectural projects. Mr. Rothenberg has also developed projects from land acquisition through construction as personal investments. Flint Arrow LLC is one of those personal investements.

David Rothenberg Texas Board of Architectural Examiners Registered Architect – #20325

David Rothenberg has operated other companies in the past, some of which are no longer active per Secretary of State.

Flint Arrow LLC Address and Phone Number

After nearly two years of misery, the home is far from complete. There has been no significant work in about 6 weeks and we have no choice but to file a lawsuit.

Owner of Flint Arrow, LLC has also done business in the past as Rothenberg Homes and is listed as Principal for Place Designers in Round Rock.

Estimated Time to Lawsuit Filing

Questions and Answers

Where is Flint Arrow located?

Flint Arrow lists it's office at: 18601 Farm to Market Rd 1431 Suite 103, Jonestown, TX 78645

What is Fint Arrow's Phone Number?

(512) 222-9271

Who is David Rothenberg?

David Rothenberg owns Flint Arrow LLC in Jonestown, Texas. He is also an owner of Place Designers

Is David Rothenberg an Architect?

David Rothenberg is a Registered Architect - #20325

Do rules of professional conduct apply to Texas Architects?

Yes, the Board makes rules consistent with teh laws and constitution of Texas.

Would you recommend David Rothenberg for Architecture work or Home Construction?

No, selecting David Rothenberg as a home builder is the worst decision we've ever made. The decisions has resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Breaking News: David Rothenberg's brother, Michael Rothenberg, has been convicted on 21 counts, including bank fraud, false statements, four counts of money laundering and 15 counts of wire fraud. Read the Full Story Here.

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